A perfect Tawang Itinerary | 7 days

Tawang is a small hill station situated in the beautiful ranges of Himalaya and it shares the country's border with China, Tibet and Bhutan. Tawang houses India’s largest monastery and is a revered destination among Buddhists. Monpa people dominate Tawang and they categorized based on the language they speak. They are Buddhists and Buddha statues are found in every house of Tawang.
Though 7 days are not sufficient to explore this place completely but if it needs to be done, you can follow this itinerary. Before you read entire itinerary, consider below points to plan in a better way:
  • This 7 days itinerary starts  and ends in Tezpur City. You have to manage further journey  depending upon your requirement.
  • Book a cab to travel from Tezpur to Tawang or from Guwahati to Tawang . If you plan to book a cab from Tezpur(like I did), you have  to fly to Guwahati and can take a cab or bus to reach Tezpur. Staying overnight in Tezpur is must.
  • You won't need a vehicle for roaming around the town in Day 3 and 6. For other days to travel from Tawang, book a cab in Tawang itself.
  • Stay in Tawang town from Day 2 to Day 6. Book a hotel online. There are not much options for home-stay but you will get few in Airbnb. Select as per your choice.
Best time to go to Tawang
The best time to visit this place is March to May and September to November as weather remains quite pleasant during . Although, if you want to witness the chilling weather with snowfall , you can go in Winters as well. Avoid during monsoon as the roadways get highly affected due to heavy rainfall and landslide.
I had a flight to Guwahati and then I opted for shared mini bus from Guwahati to Tezpur. It was late evening by the time I reached there. I stayed overnight in hotel.
Alternately, you can opt for Helicopter service from Guwahati to Tawang but i wont suggest that as the route from Tezpur to Tawang is fascinating.
Also always take a night rest at Tezpur before leaving to Bomdila/Tawang the next morning. It will take 10-12 hours to reach Tawang. Distance is not much but due to bumpy and hilly roads around the mountains, it takes so long.
If you are not used to road travelling and prone to  motion sickness,then you can divide the itinerary of Tezpur to Tawang in two days by staying in either Dirang or Bomdila. 
Tezpur to Bomdila: 176 kms
Tezpur to Dirang: 193 kms
Tezpur to Tawang. 330 kms
Tawang to Bomdila (Day 1)
I started my journey sharp at 6 am from Tezpur. It was time to start romancing the roads to Tawang. Route till Bhalukpang is straight and simple, place where I stopped for breakfast and the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh(AP). You will need to get Inner Line Permits (ILP) from AP government before entering Tawang. You can get it easily at Guwahati or even online.
Sitting on a window seat, I was experiencing highly dense forest on one side of road and the picturesque view of  river Testa on other side, with occasional sun rays sliding through trees . There are multiple hanging bridges built across the river. Do spend some time there and get thrilling experience.
Hanging Bridge
It will take 5-6 hours to reach Bomdila. Bomdila  offers a lot for visitors. There are number of monasteries which you can visit to get the glance of Buddhist culture. Stay overnight.
Head Towards Tawang (Day 2)
Dirang will be the first town you will hit which resides on the bank of kameng river.
Glimpse of Dirang Town
As soon as I crossed Dirang, I entered  Sela Pass region. Area is situated at 13680 ft above sea level. Winding roads, clouds, majestic mountains and lake with shiny sun made me feel I was in heaven. Road on the clouds was indeed something which I will never forget and its image has got stuck in my mind. During winter, this lake gets  frozen with entire surrounding covered with snow.
Road to take you to the clouds
Sela Lake
Further you can stop at Tawang war memorial dedicated to the war heroes (soldiers of the Indian Army) of Sino-India war that took place in the year 1962 and Jaswant Garh memorial. it is a must-visit site to pay obeisance to Rifleman Jaswant Singh, Maha Vir Chakra, of 4 Garhwal Rifle, who laid down his life  resisting the Chinese Army's march for about 72 hours along with two other soldiers during the 1962 war. 
Jaswant Garh War Memorial
Do not miss to see the grand Nuranang Waterfal 
It originates from the famous Sela Pass and  forms the waterfalls and goes into Tawang River. Not only it's a spectacular attraction , but also it is used to generate electricity for the local use. There is a small hydel plant located near the base that generates electricity.
You can spend your time here as a perfect picnic spot. If the day is sunny, bring a mat, few eatables, speaker and have a quality time with your favorite people.
Nuranang Waterfall
It will be late evening by the time you will reach the Town. 
Roam around the town (Day 3 and 6)
Arunachal pradesh is known as the land of rising sun, so it was just 5 am in morning and sun was already peeping through the mountains. We started our day by visiting the famous Tawang Monastery. It's the second largest monastery in Asia and first in India. Amazing collection of books and artifacts increases its value.
Keep last day(Day 6) for roaming around the town because Day 4 and Day 5  will take a complete day and can make you exhausted especially if you have never been to such high altitude.  So spending a relaxing day on Day 6 will be a good option because you will be travelling for 10-12 hours on Day 7 from Tawang to Tezpur.
If you need to cut one more day, then skip the Day 3 part and just keep Day 6 for Tawang town.
Tawang Town
 I continued  visiting  Buddha stupa and spent some time in market. I was lucky enough since His Holiness the Dalai Lama was about to visit the town during my stay and entire town was well decorated with vibrant prayer flags that flutter joyfully to welcome him.
Tawang Market
A  Day-out to  Pankang Teng sho lake, Shonga-tser lake and Bumla pass( Day 4)
Bumla is just 40 kms from Tawang town but towards the mountain and there we share Border with China. Unfortunately due to heavy snowfall we were unable to reach Shonga-tser lake and Bumla pass, but we definitely had a great time at PT sho lake. It offers a different view and experience accordingly to the time you visit. Since it was -10 degree when I visited the places, I got a chance to see half frozen lake. We walked around the lake, played with snow, tasted fresh water and got to see amazing view of  entire town from such height. 
PT sho lake
One day tour to some random village(Day 5)
If you have more days in hand, I would highly recommend you to spend few days in  near by villages to understand the culture well. Lhou, Lumla, Khirmu, Kitpi are few villages where you can go to get the highlights of tradition and lifestyle being followed by Monpa people.
Do not just visit the town to cover tourist spots  mentioned in sight seeing list. Spend your time in nature and I bet there is no other better place to think about your life,approach, decisions you took which went wrong and taking lesson from it. Try to relax your mind and feel positive about life. After all, that is why we all go on vacation
Otherwise for one day outing, book a cab from some local agency and take a tour to any of the mentioned villages.
Thrillum Village
I stayed  for 10 days at Thrillum village near Lumla during my visit. I was completely disconnected from rest of the world being lost in the isolated and splendid nature. I used to go to near by river to have some relaxed time, walked around sloppy ways , had random talks to local people and tried few local cuisine. Experiencing it  was no less than a blessing for me.
Please note that there is no option to stay in any of the villages. You have to come back to Tawang town at the end of the day. It is not necessary to go much far everyday to experience the culture. You can walk and can see many things around Tawang town itself.
Tawang to Tezpur( Day 7)
To return to Tezpur, I suggest you to get a shared cab(if you want a budget travelling). You will reach Tezpur by late evening. You can stay overnight in hotel or even can take a bus directly to Guwahati according to your flight timing.
I hope this itinerary will be helpful for you to plan out your trip to Tawang. If you have any query, let me know in the comment section below. I will be very happy to help you out.
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  1. I'm soo happy ,u wrote about this place ......Tawang is very close to my heart as well πŸ’•πŸŽ‚❤❤...all the best dear.....keep writing ✍

  2. I love the way you described Tawang. One who comes in Tawang, .. .Tawang stays in their heart.

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