Travel Hacks

We all love travelling, however it is important to be a smart traveler because we can never predict about the unwanted events that may occur during our travel plans.
Here are some of the guaranteed tested travel hacks which I've learnt the hard way, will make your trip more enjoyable and hassle free.

Wear Comfortable footwear:
I am still not over my painful trekking experience back in Himachal, and all credit goes to the wrong selection of my footwear nevertheless, it taught me a lesson about importance of good footwear. (Doesn't tell a story though, enlist what was painful or bad that happened) So while packing for your trip, make sure you keep enough comfortable shoes particularly if you would be out for hiking and trekking because you can never judge the circumstances you may fall into and during those times, a perfect pair of shoes with power grip always acts as a savior.

Check weather forecast:
Don't call yourself a techie if you are not making good use of technology. Checking the weather condition in advance will formulate you for the upcoming hurdles of bad weather. Pack your stuff and body care products accordingly, otherwise you will end up with unnecessary stuff in your bag which would have had a free travel. I wish, I would have carried an umbrella on my trip to Karnataka and could have saved myself from the unexpected spring showers. 

Book flight tickets in advance:
It is one of the most clever hacks to save huge amounts of money. If your travel itinerary includes flight journey, it is always better to book flight tickets well in advance to avoid last minute costly tickets. Unlike my friends who switched the travel plan from road to air only a week ago and by then the ticket fare was almost double than the usual rates. Such last minute changes will only drill a hole in your pocket.

Pack few warm clothes:
Irrespective of the season, it is always advisable to pack few warm clothes like your favorite woolen sweater and windcheater jacket because for many places you may not be able to guess the temperature accurately, particularly at night (& especially if you're a girl. Girls you know what I mean!) There are places, mainly those which are close to deserts, where it is boiling hot during daytime but the temperature dips down to a freezing low at night. 

Keep extra pair:
Whatever may it be, whether clothes or footwear, keep at least one extra pair to be on safer side as we can never foresee any mishap. Just imagine if ketchup dropped on your beige trousers! Now you know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‹

Share your complete itinerary with someone:
Although in these hi-tech times, communication is no more a matter of concern, but sharing your complete itinerary with few of your close friends or family is important as it will help in tracking you in case of any misfortune. When I went for camping in Karnala, Maharashtra and my phone was out of coverage for more than 12 hours, the details of my camping organizer was effective  for my family to get in touch with me.

Remember few phone numbers:
Well speaking of technology, it has a few drawbacks too. The biggest being that it can stop working anytime without any prior warning. Have you ever imagined yourself without your phone? 
The best and easiest solution to deal with such situation is to maintain a phone diary.
Phone diaries are not in trend these days but I suggest to get one for collectively maintaining the  contact details of people whom you may need to contact like trip organizer, family members and close friends. You can write those number on a piece of paper as well but you may end up losing it and hence, a proper diary is a better choice. And best yet, why not remember a few!

Carry your electronics:
Everyone these days have some fancy gadget they've always been waiting to use when they travel. But guess what, nothing is of any worth if it has no battery in it. It is always advisable to carry your Power bank to charge up electronics or simply a charger. And if you bring that fancy DSLR or a Vlogging camera along, make sure to carry extra pieces of battery and memory cards!

Stock some ready made munchies:
It is always exciting to try out local cuisines when you travel but i recommend carrying few ready made foods like energy bar and nuts, in case you are stuck somewhere with no shops around. Additionally, it saves you from spending hefty amounts of money on those expensive airport cafes and restaurants.

Always carry a water bottle:
A very basic but vital thing that can be followed by everyone without taking much effort is to travel with our own water bottle and filling it up as required and make sure to select some good quality steel or copper based bottle. I felt rewarded for carrying my steel water bottle  during my visit to village Lachen in Sikkim where plastic bottles weren't allowed. Indeed, a great initiative for saving the environment.

Invest on good sunglasses:
No matter what, always keep your sunglasses handy. It not only saves your eye from dust and UV rays but can act as a perfect accessory for posing for camera. Sunglasses has always turned my ordinary pictures into impressive clicks hiding my tiredness and swollen eyes.

Scan your documents:
Scan all the required documents including tickets and ID proof and keep the copy of each in your phone which can be referred in case of loss of documents. I am sure, you don't want to spoil any of your plans just because of missing of those documents.

Now you have got all the hacks, USE IT and make your travel days less worried.
If you have any query, let me know in the comment section below. I will be very happy to help you out.
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